About me

Prior Solution Co., LTD. is a quality software company in Thailand. We provide software technology, support and services - in the area of business integration, business intelligence and software development - to both public and private enterprises. Our aim is to improve the efficiency, productivity & manageability of your organization, helping you to create new possibilities for doing business in today’s global competitive arena.

Prior Solution Company was established in 2004 by expertise in many areas of information technology such as computer training, internet, software and hardware areas as well as enterprise network area. Meanwhile Prior Solution has become well-known and accepted amongst professional software developers in Thailand. Prior Solution has established a large customer base ranging from government organizations, financial and banking institutes to business enterprises.

We provide a lot of solutions and services involving e-Business consultation, Internet & Intranet consultation, application development, SMS services, computer network consultation and services, training as well as CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction).

Our solutions can be separated into three major categories, which are application development consulting, and computer hardware and network services and computer training.